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Remediating torture and complex trauma in resettled refugees

American Psychological Conference, Washington DC

Watch the video on Youtube



"Being Called a Refugee Hurts:"

Learning about trauma from Ukrainian, Syrian, and Afghan refugee


American Psychological Conference, Washington DC

Watch the video on Youtube


Torture: How Culture and Gender Shape Trauma in Syrian and Afghan Refugees


32nd International Congress of Psychology, Prague, Czech Republic 

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Marriage and Love: Variations on a Theme in Modern India

From Nanda, S. (2018). Love and Marriage, Cultural Diversity in a Changing World Read the chapter on Google Books.

The Seminary Co-op | March 11, 2018

The Heart is a Shifting Sea

A selected bibliography from The Heart is a Shifting Sea, a penetrating look into three modern-day Mumbai marriages. Read the full list from The Seminary Co-op.

U.S. News | February 15, 2017

For Refugees, Trauma Runs Deep: 'Nobody Knows my Heart Is Crying'

At a Red Cross center in Berlin, refugees describe the nightmares that have become normal. Read the full article from U.S. News.

New York Times | February 2, 2015

Sex, Fear and Loving: A Conversation

Read the full piece from the New York Times.

New York Times | January, 2015

India Lacks Mental Health Care

Read the full piece from the New York Times.

The Indian Express | July 23, 2011

The Superwoman’s Struggle

Indian women are the most stressed in the world, says a Nielsen survey. They de-stress by splurging on themselves, and remain optimistic about the future. What explains the dichotomy? Read the full piece from The Indian Times.

The Hindu | May 15, 2010

Marriages are in Trouble...

U.S.-based psychologist Shaifali Sandhya discusses the startling conclusion - the great Indian marriage is burning - emerged from her study of the shifting paradigm of marriage in India. Read the full article on The Hindu.

Outlook | December 14, 2009

Gordian Knots

A professional and highly-readable beginning, which will hopefully inspire other scholars to follow suit. Read the full review from Outlook.

The Times of India | November 22, 2009

Boredom in the bedroom

Dr Shaifali Sandhya says the "Indian marriage is burning" and around 80-85% divorces are initiated by women. About one-third of her respondents - aged between 22 and 55 and married for any where between one and 36 years - said they were unhappy with their sex lives. Read the full article on The Times of India.

The Telegraph | October 25, 2009

Revolution in the Bedroom

A chance encounter with a woman who sat next to her on a plane set Shaifali Sandhya out on a journey of looking at Indian marriages. Read the full article from The Telegraph.

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