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Why the Indian Marriage is Burning

Book cover for Love Will Follow (2009)


The Indian marriage is burning. In this groundbreaking study — the first clinical and cultural portrait of its kind — Shaifali Sandhya explores the intimate lives of middle class Indian husbands and wives living in India and abroad and looks at what is causing this breakdown.Interviewing countless couples, using current research, and looking deeply at the key areas in relationships which cause conflict-sex, money, family-she draws a devastating picture of the modern Indian marriage.


  • 80% of divorces are initiated by women

  • 94% of Indian couples say they are happy in their relationships but a majority of them say they would not marry the same person if they had a chance to replay their lives

  • 1/3rd of Indian couples say they are dissatisfied with their sex life

  • Most couples call the early years of their marriage the honeymoon years. For Indian couples they are usually the worst.


Hardhitting, eyeopening, and completely riveting, Love Will Follow takes you into the hearts and minds of Indian men and women. Full of moving stories, fascinating statistics, and insights, it could change the way you see your relationship — and your life.



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