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Upcoming Book: "Love Will Follow: Making Love and Intimacy Work in Indian Couples."

Art: Alexander Gorlizki

"Just Marry. Love Will Follow," so goes the Indian belief. But for 94% of Indian relationships love can remain elusive. Being a "couple" requires the commitment to co-create and curate your intimacy. And an awareness of how social factors such as family, color, caste, class, and race impact how you express and receive love, and what you will tolerate to be loved.

Many of us will go through life never being completely known or exhibiting “intimacy,” the acts of being known to another. Often our subterranean world remains hidden even from ourselves.

At its heart "Love Will Follow" is about authentic dialogs and the conditions that make them possible. Read riveting, intimate, and real stories in the words of Indian couples of their lives after their wedding, and in doing so:

  • Gain a deeper knowledge of Indian relationships and their potential stressors

  • Determine the current health status of your relationship

  • Course-correct your relationship by tracking current problem areas and triggers

  • Jumpstart some learning techniques to compassionately connect with your partner

  • Improve your communication through improved inner dialogs

  • Identify the psychological markers of a good partnership

  • Gather critical insights for scientists (anthropologists, sociologists, cultural psychologists) and practitioners.

Shaifali Sandhya

Dr. Shaifali Sandhya is a Cambridge University and The University of Chicago-educated psychologist and an internationally published author. Over the course of twenty years, she has collaborated with hundreds of couples and families across cultures on rebuilding their relationships.

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