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Stories of Refugee Girls & Women: Trauma & Its Consequences

Photo credit: Mohamad Abazeed in Syria

On November 8th, 2017, Dr. Sandhya will present her on-the-ground field research among refugees; it will provide a unique perspective on the five unique traumas endured by female refugees. Hear their stories in their own words and Sandhya’s insights into crucial but overlooked aspects of the crisis: its psychological consequences on women and girls and its effect on the societies where they find refuge.

She will share the stories of women like Rubab, a Syrian refugee, who while pregnant with her first child witnessed the horrors of the Al-Ghouta sarin gas attack.

Dr. Sandhya will explain the resulting hidden effects on these women and their families. This is a crisis we can’t ignore. With more knowledge and better understanding, we can make life better for them and safer for us.

Venue: International Women's Associates

Address: 307 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 702. Chicago. IL 60611

Time: 10.30 am on Wednesday, November 2017

Dr. Shaifali Sandhya is the Director of CARE Family Consultation, a health practice specializing in consultation and treatment of mental health concerns of individuals, couples and families. She is a Cambridge and the University of Chicago-educated psychologist and an international author.

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