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How Even The Best Organizations Can Benefit from a Coach


Even the most exemplary organization can stall in its growth. In fact, 87% of the top 100 Fortune companies have stalled at least once. Insufficient empathy or the failure to adapt company strategy to the external environment are some common culprits. Even world-class companies and the world-class leaders can occasionally stumble. 

We utilize well-established assessment practices and have brought this coaching service to organizations and executive talent development. Whether you are implementing an organizational assessment, developing your executives, identifying rising stars for future succession needs, or hiring new talent, we identify the fundamental factors that distinguish personalities and determine success:


Building an corporate culture around “success” and "empathy" values:

Building a shared vision of leadership and values is of vital importance for any company’s success; however, it is not always easily achieved.


Articulating a vision and philosophy will impact how it is adopted and implemented by employees. A shared and accurate definition of their culture for a company can also assist in: identifying, retaining, and promoting key talent; contain CEO churning or the wrong choice of a CEO in turn, leading to their rapid exit; clarifying CEO responsibilities; and reducing political and strategic strife among Board members. Reinventing work culture is complex and requires sustained attention and effort; for, companies get stuck in their patterns, single short-term quick fixes, such as introducing teams or Agile, seldom works, and soon any positive change might be engulfed back into the old ways of doing things; may fail to incorporate management tools to cement new behaviors; overuse power tools of coercion, or parachute a new management team. All of these seldom help a company make new creative leaps.

Empathy counts even within corporations as it spurs excellence. As relationships and persuasion become more important especially in companies without rigid hierarchies, to be able to persuade effectively you need the capacity to empathize. You could be disposed towards empathy but may lack the capacity to pick up its cues or the intellectual awareness to explore other folks' reality that may eventually affect your outcomes in a positive way. Whether it is design-led product innovation or simply understanding their employees better, leaders too, may find that developing more fully their capacity for empathy allows them greater access and depth to themselves; 'being yourself - more - with skill,' a trait of authenticity in all true leaders, may inspire their followers to excel. 

Tailored coaching and consultation is provided primarily through the following five methods:


  • Using scientifically validated tools to assess relevant competencies (for example, Emotional Quotient)

  • Customized coaching to help employees at any level of an organization to gain a better understanding of how they are perceived by their superiors, peers, direct reports, and subordinates

  • Providing a nonthreatening and empathic environment to explore behaviors that can inhibit effectiveness in time of stress, novel or ambiguous situations, heavy workloads or those that are the result of old habits/ personality patterns

  • Use an easy-to-interpret development framework to provide real- time look at an individual’s attitude, behavior, and performance

  • Offer constructive feedback and set priorities for improvement by working in collaboration with key folks in the organization 


Corporate Assessment Tools: Help you chart out core values, drivers, interests, and vision through leadership storytelling; identify core stakeholders of the new vision and train the organization to be  responsive to those stakeholders; define the role of managers and enable them to draw out the full potential of talent. In turn, by assessing values, you can understand what motivates candidates in your organization to succeed, and in what type of role, job, and environment they will be their most productive. 

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