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Anxiety in the news


                  The Anxious Stories We Tell Ourselves (by R. Scott Gornto, Psychology Today, Jul 2015): Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health problem worldwide, and is often derived from both outside and internal forces. This article examines ways we can challenge our own self-fabricated anxious stories and learn to control anxiety.


                  An Epidemic of Fear (by Stacy Lu, American Psychological Association, 2015): This article discusses the epidemic of fear that raged across the U.S. and other parts of the world following the Ebola outbreak in 2014. According to research, new threats provoke intense fear reactions in people, which is why people take extreme preventative measures in times of contagion. The article also examines how today’s hyperbolic media coverage exacerbates the fear perception, and discusses was in which panic can be reduced.


                  Generation Stress? How Anxiety Rules the Secret Life of Teens (by A. Pawlowski, Today, Sep 2014). A TODAY show series on teens shows that one in eight children suffer from anxiety, and for 10% of teens, that anxiety is disruptive to their lives. Teens reported that school anxiety, parents, and social media have added to their levels of anxiety. This article also includes resources for parents of children or teens experiencing anxiety.


Some resources for learning more about anxiety:


The National Institute of Mental Health is an organization with a mission to improve the understanding and treatment of mental illness through research. Their website provides descriptions of a variety of psychological disorders, along with information about causes, symptoms, treatments, and relevant research.


Psychology Today is a psychology magazine that follows the work and ideas of psychologists, academics, psychiatrists, and authors in the field of psychology. Psychology Today also provides a comprehensive directory of therapists, psychiatrists, and treatment facilities throughout the country.


The Anxiety and Depression Association of America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety and mood disorders. Content is provided by clinicians and researchers in various backgrounds, including medicine, psychology, social work, neuroscience, and epidemiology.

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